Investing in Townsville

“No other region of comparable size has the connection into the future prosperity of the Australian nation as Townsville.” ~ Bernard Salt, Australian Demographer

Townsville, a rapidly growing city in north Queensland, offers a strategic location with a diverse labour force, quality amenities and is the main hub for North Queensland, contributing significantly to the regional economy. The City Council actively supports business and community initiatives, fostering an environment conducive to economic growth and welcoming inquiries from potential investors.

If you are wanting to expand to a new site or relocate to Townsville, contact Townsville’s Economic Attraction team on 13 48 10 or email

We can assist with the following:

  • Development applications and pre-lodgement advice
  • Property searches
  • Link you to relevant community, commercial or government contacts

There are currently two large parcels of industrial land:

Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct

The Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct is strategically located 40kms from Townsville off the Flinders Highway and adjacent to the Great Northern Railway (connecting Port of Townsville to Mount Isa).

The site offers competitive advantages including:

  • the North Australia Gas Pipeline being located adjacent to the site
  • rail connection to the Port of Townsville
  • raw water supply from the Haughton Pipeline.

For further information, contact David Edwards via email or phone 0417 789 290.

North Rail Yards

The Townsville North Rail Yards is a significant heritage place for the city of Townsville.

Established in the 1880s, the North Rail Yards served as a maintenance and construction depot for Queensland Rail for over a Century and was identified as a place of innovation in the 1900s, until the workshops were permanently closed in 1990.

Council has a vision to rejuvenate the significant heritage buildings in North Rail Yards and incorporate the development of commercial and public spaces, which will revitalise the area of the CBD, support the residential components and create a community hub within the North Rail Yards site.

To support this vision, Council has established North Rail Yard Developments as a company to lead and oversee development of the site, which will be the southern gateway into Townsville city and support high-density residential housing with commercial and cultural activities that educate and celebrate our city’s heritage and future.

Are you a property developer or business interested in future opportunities on the North Rail Yard Development site?

Visit the North Rail Yards website, to register your interest in being part of developing this exciting project.