Our Water Smart City

Townsville continues to experience the impact of variable climate and uncertain wet seasons. For our city to grow sustainably, it is important we ensure our water services meet future demands and empower our community to create lasting waterwise changes.

One Song Shower Challenge

Take the One Song Shower Challenge and start saving water one tune at a time.

Every minute less in the shower saves around 7,000 litres of drinking water per year!

To get started, check out our One Song Shower Challenge playlist.

Waterwise Videos

With up to 75% of Townsville’s water being used on gardens and outside the home, there are a lot of ways we can all play a part in reducing water use and helping Townsville to become a water smart city.

Water Smart Garden – Anderson Gardens

Water Smart Garden - Anderson Gardens Map

The Water Smart Garden was created to show just how easy it is to achieve your own water smart garden at home.

The garden contains four zones that will teach you how to become a sustainability giant! These include: water, energy, waste and biodiversity.

You’ll learn how small changes can make a big difference – like reducing your water use, carbon footprint and household waste.

The Water Smart Garden is located in Anderson Gardens, across from Kokoda Memorial Pool.


Our water smart factsheets provide great advice about water behaviours and water efficiency ideas for both inside and outside of the home.