Townsville 2032 Legacy

In 2032, Queensland will host the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Hosting the world’s greatest sporting event will create a decade long pipeline of opportunity for Queensland.

The Games will deliver economic and social benefits across the State with more than $8 billion in benefits predicted.

As a Games Delivery Partner, Townsville City Council is committed to actively contributing to the success of The Games for all Queensland and ensuring that regional Queensland capitalises on opportunities to achieve positive legacy outcomes in the lead up to, and long after the Brisbane 2032 Games.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will connect communities, improve health and fitness levels, encourage more people to join their local sporting clubs as participants or volunteers and inspire a generation of children.

Council is actively pursuing opportunities to secure a lasting legacy for our local community from the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including opportunities to:

  • Renovate or repurpose existing sporting facilities to Olympic and Paralympic standard, enabling the ability for Townsville to be considered to host lead up and qualifying events, as well as providing locals with access to high quality facilities before and long after the Games.
  • Provide a host stadium venue when Southeast Queensland facilities are unavailable during Games preparation.
  • Develop a long-term program of sporting events for the region, including attraction plans for gaps in the program.
  • Become a northern Olympic and Paralympic training hub, enabling climatisation experiences.

Working group

Council has established a Townsville 2032 Legacy Working Group, which through a whole of community approach, seeks to maximise the benefit of the XXXV Olympiad for the Townsville community, tourism operators, sporting organisations and local businesses.

The Townsville 2032 Legacy Working Group is focused on local opportunities that aim to:

  • attract competition events and pre-Games training camps to open new tourism, trade and investment opportunities to a global market
  • promote the Townsville Region to world governing sporting bodies
  • contribute to sporting infrastructure asset assessment and activation
  • support development of our future sports stars.

Further information on the Working Group can be found within the Terms of Reference.

View the Terms of Reference (PDF, 354.7 KB)

Action plan

Council has endorsed the Townsville 2032 Legacy Action Plan 2023-2024, which outlines the key actions for the working group that will deliver tangible and intangible long-term benefits across three identified pillars:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Events and Tourism
  • Sporting Development.

The pillars under the action plan focus on the provision of outcomes that support an outstanding Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and leave an enduring legacy for the region long after the Games.

View the Action Plan (PDF, 7.6 MB)

Have your say

Help us bring your legacy ideas to life.

Are you part of a community sporting organisation, or are you a member of the community and have an idea which will contribute to Townsville capitalising from the Brisbane 2032 Olympiad?

Townsville City Council is actively pursuing opportunities to secure a lasting legacy for our local community from the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Building our shared legacy from Brisbane 2032 can start now and provide enduring benefits long after the Games.

If you have a project, lead up event or another potential opportunity related to Townsville’s 2032 Legacy, we encourage you to submit your idea to the working group via Council’s 2032 Legacy mailbox.