Aerial & Mapping Products for Purchase

Spatial Services has a range of aerial and mapping products for purchase.

Aerial Photography

Recent and historical aerial photography of Townsville and Magnetic Island is available for purchase. Aerial photographs have been captured of different areas since 1941 and some variation may occur within the areas photographed. Please check your options with our staff or view samples of areas available (including links to flightplans) below . For further details and pricing for all our aerial photography products, please see our Fees and Charges section.

Please click on a thumbnail image to view an example of each product.

For further information about Aerial Photography Products, please contact Spatial Services on 13 48 10.

Maps for Purchase

We have a wide range of contemporary and historical maps available for purchase. Please download the Schedule of Fees for further details and pricing for all our mapping products.

These maps can be obtained by contacting council and will be available on our website in the near future.

* The City Plan 2005 and City Plan Maps can also be downloaded from the council's City Plan webpage as PDF files. The Zoning and Strategic Plan maps (which were superseded by the City Plan 2005) were only available for reference until 31 December 2006 - please contact Spatial Services for details.

** The Council's cadastral database is more accurate (+/-0.1m, compared to the industry standard of +/- 0.5m) and more up to date than any other cadastral information available for the Townsville Region.

*** We recommend purchasing the Landslip Hazard Study report (available from Planning Services) with landslip hazard maps.

For further information about Maps, please contact Spatial Services.