Creek to Coral

Why Creek to Coral Matters

The Townsville region has several special features. We live on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, and we have a dry tropics climate. Temperatures are high, rainfall is inconsistent, and droughts may be followed by floods.

All these factors impact our water supply and quality.

Creek to Coral is a Townsville City Council program. We manage and protect Townsville’s freshwater and coastal marine environment.

The Creek to Coral program recognises that the quality of our water infrastructure impacts the health of the region’s catchments, rivers and wetlands, all of which flow into the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef. We all need healthy waterways to support our lifestyles and the natural values of our region.

The Creek to Coral program focuses on Townsville’s water-related infrastructure, from stormwater to sewage, and rainfall to outfall. Creek to Coral supports the community to connect with and understand the water cycle and water-related issues of our region and we are innovating to create a water sensitive city for the future. This will be achieved through a partnership approach across all levels of government, community, and the sciences, business and industry sectors.

Achieving Healthy Ecosystems

We can achieve and sustain healthy freshwater, estuarine and marine water ecosystems in the Coastal Dry Tropics by:

  • Enhancing healthy ecosystems, embracing dramatic natural water cycles, and driving world-leading innovation in water security,
  • Promoting, encouraging and integrating total water cycle management actions across the business of Council; and
  • Promoting and supporting the involvement of the community in the water cycle and integrated catchment management, through the community-based education and involvement program.