Animal Registration and Legislation

Registration and identification of pets in urban areas is important for the wellbeing of the animals themselves, owner's piece of mind, and to allow Council to plan for future community needs. In Townsville, all dogs must be registered each year and carry an identification disc and cats require an approval that is renewed each year.

For a full list of animal management offences and associated payments, please refer below. For more information on animal fees and charges, please visit Council's Fees and Charges page.

New Dog Registration

Dogs (including puppies) are required to be registered within 14 days of acquiring or moving to Townsville. First registration for animals for the current registration period is $31. Registration renewals are due by 25 August this year. Discount is offered to owners who register their dog in July and August. Discounts are also offered to pensioners and owners of desexed dogs.

You can register a new dog by:

  • Registering your new dog online
  • Print and complete the New Dog Registration Application form and either:
    • Mail to: PO Box 1268, Townsville Qld 4810
    • Deliver in person to:
      • Customer Service Centre - 103 Walker Street, Townsville City
      • Customer Service Point - CityLibraries Thuringowa, 86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa Central*
      • Customer Service Point - CityLibraries Aitkenvale, 4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale*

    *EFTPOS only at these locations no cash

Registration Renewals

You can pay your animal registration renewal online here.

For residents on Magnetic Island:

You can also pay your registration in person at:

Magnetic Island Post Office
Shop 2 Harbourside Plaza Shopping Centre,
98-100 Sooning Street, Nelly Bay QLD 4819.

Regardless of land size, only one cat is permitted to be housed in the Magnetic Island or Paluma Range areas. An Application Form must also be completed.

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Changes to Animal Registration

To amend a current registration, please complete the appropriate application form below. Amendment forms can be received by Council using any of the following methods:

  • Mailed to: PO Box 1268, Townsville, Qld 4810
  • Delivered to:
    • Customer Service Centre - 103 Walker Street, Townsville City
    • Customer Service Point - CityLibraries Thuringowa, 86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa Central*
    • Customer Service Point - CityLibraries Aitkenvale, 4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale*

*EFTPOS only at these locations no cash

View and print your Animal Registration Renewal online (Please note: A separate registration and a valid email address is required for each animal. Follow the prompts (remember to enter your name as it appears on the notice) and instructions to register.)

Application Forms

Free Microchipping Day - Magnetic Island

Council is offering free microchipping to registered dogs and approved cats on Sunday 25 February between 9-11 am. The event will take place at Lions Park, Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island.

Microchipping your pet greatly increases the chances of you reuniting with them if they become lost.

On the spot registrations will be available for a fee. Dogs must be on leads and cats must be in cages. Kittens and puppies must be at least 8 weeks old to be registered.

* Only one cat permitted per household on Magnetic Island. *

Animal Management Local Laws

Council has developed a new local law for the new Townsville City Council region. Implementing the new local law will provide consistency across the city. You can view all Local Laws here.

Council encourages responsible pet ownership to benefit the entire community and is committed to providing a safer community for all.

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Animal Management

As a pet owner you are responsible to ensure that you meet Local Laws and planning guidelines surrounding how many animals or what type of animals you are permitted to have on a property.

How many animals can I have?

Please see the below tables for a quick reference guide to the number of animals allowed with a Deemed Approval.

If you own or plan to own any animals in these categories please ensure you are familiar with the full details and conditions of a Deemed Approval.

Animal Management Education

For a number of years now council has been implementing its animal management health education strategy. The strategy has been encouraging all residents, both owners and non-owners, to take an active role in making the city animal friendly. The strategy actively promotes being a responsible pet owner to the community to protect their pets and other animals.

Council’s Animal Management motto

“We believe that owning pets is a basic right for residents and one of the great joys of our society.

But, that everyone who brings an animal into their lives must be aware of the responsibility that comes with it, as well as the legitimate expectations the rest of the community has about that animal.”


There are a number of initiatives council is involved in to promote responsible pet ownership within the community. Such initiatives include:

  • Free Microchipping Day
  • Hosting our Annual Pet Expo in June each year
  • Regular educational displays at community events including Defence Expo, Careers Day, Seniors Day, Million Paws Walk, Cyclone Sunday
  • Partnerships with local animal management allies such as veterinarians and  obedience clubs
  • Involvement with Australian Institute of Animal Management (AIAM)