Animal Registration and Legislation

Animals play an important role in our community providing companionship and security. Anyone intending to own an animal in Townsville is legally liable and is always responsible for their pets. Visit Be a Responsible Pet Owner for more information.

Animal registrations and approvals

Registration and identification of pets in urban areas is important for owner's peace of mind, and to enable Council to plan for future community needs. In Townsville, all dogs must be registered each year and wear a registration tag, and cats require an approval that is renewed each year. For a full list of required animal approvals and associated applications, please refer below.

Animal management local laws apply to the Townsville City Council local government area. These local laws set out minimum standards for keeping pets and other animals in the Townsville local government area, and also prescribe the types of approvals needed for the keeping of various animals.

Council officers monitor compliance with the local laws, and also monitor some requirements under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, for example, registration, microchipping and regulated dogs.

For information on animal fees and charges, please visit Council's Fees and Charges page.



Changes to registration, approval or ownership

To amend a current registration (e.g. the animal has been desexed, has died or has changed owners), please complete the appropriate form below.

In some circumstances, you may be eligible to receive a partial refund of your dog registration, e.g. the animal is now desexed, or you are now a pensioner concession card holder.

Birds and poultry

Horses, pigs and other livestock

Minimum standards for animal keeping