Grass Cutting (Mowing) Schedule

Mowing Backlog Notice

We value your concerns regarding overgrown grass in our community.

Currently, we're actively addressing many requests. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and want to assure you that we are diligently working to resolve these issues.

Please note that the backlog was primarily due to prioritising clean-up efforts post-cyclone, resulting in a delay of about 6 weeks in addressing grass maintenance requests.

Townsville City Council maintains 3,600 hectares of grass that requires regular mowing to keep our open spaces safe, accessible, functional and presentable. Our crews also contribute to and prioritise community safety by roadside slashing, assisting with traffic and wildlife visibility.

To cover this amount of grass in the fastest and most efficient way, Council has a mowing schedule that is planned out across the community. Mowing is scheduled on a rotational basis, taking grass growth patterns and high traffic locations such as The Strand and Riverway into consideration.

Grass Maintenance Process

Our grass maintenance process is:

  1. Mowing crew – This crew will go through the area with a ride-on mower.
  2. Hand tools crew – This crew will follow afterwards to whipper snip, hedge and weed.
Please Note
Sometimes it looks like the job may be half done. However, the second crew may take a little longer at another site. The crew will catch up.

During the wet season (December to March), Townsville often sees torrential rain events that cause grass to grow fast. Our crews cannot mow until the ground is dry. This can cause delays to the mowing schedule as open spaces can become too wet to mow. In some areas, the water can take up to six months to drain from the soil.

Our crews work hard to keep our open spaces mowed and maintained during this period, but please be aware delays are expected due to the grass and soil being too wet.

Bar graph showing that the wet season accounts for at least 90% of Townsville's annual rainfall


Download grass growth factsheets below: