Property Searches

How do I apply for a Property Search?

You can apply for a Property Search online through Townsville Online Products and Services (TOPS) or download an Application for Property Information (PDF) to apply by post, email, fax, or hand-delivery.

Property Searches will only be accepted using TOPS or the Application for Property Information (PDF).

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications by telephone.

What is included?

A standard Property Search includes any relevant information recorded on various Departmental files:

  • Spatial Services - Stormwater, Sewerage, Water, Roads, and All Services Plan included
  • Financial Services - Rates Information, Ownership and Valuation Details
  • Planning Certificates - Property zoning, precinct and overlay information, cultural and heritage listings, property alerts, notations and requisitions
  • Water and Waste Water Services - Trade Waste Information
  • Health Services - Premises Registration, Vacant Land, Overgrown Allotments

Non-standard searches are also available - see the Application for Property Information (PDF) for full details.

For information about the different types of Planning and Development Certificates, please read our certificates information sheet.

How long does it take?

Property Searches require 5 (five) working days completion time from when the Property Search Officer receives them.

Our aim is to provide quality customer service to our clients and every endeavour is made to supply property information by the time requested. Council does not acknowledge applications marked URGENT and will not give any undertaking nor accept any responsibility to supply information as a matter of urgency. If you supply us with an email address we will be able to forward your Property Search more quickly than by post.

How do I pay?

Applications must be paid in full prior to commencement, and cannot be cancelled once processing has commenced. You can pay by cheque, credit card, or with cash or EFTPOS at the Customer Service Centre at the council. Regular users (e.g. solicitors, conveyancing firms) can apply for a TOPS account. Please download the Application for Property Information (PDF) for full details of fees and charges.

Hand delivery - Property Searches Only

To help us provide an ongoing efficient service, all hand delivered requests for property searches must be delivered to the Customer Service Centre. Delivery to any other department may cause extended delay.

I requested a Property Search but haven't heard from you - how can I find out what's going on?

It is unusual for Property Searches to take more than five working days, but sometimes this can happen, particularly if the property is new or has recently been subdivided into new units. If you haven't heard from us after five days, please contact council 1300 878 001, or email council.

I'm having a fence / boundary dispute with my neighbour - how can I find out about the boundaries of my property?

Council advises you to find the original survey pegs, or contact the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to obtain the original survey plan showing the boundaries of your property. If you need to know exactly where your boundary is, you will need to contact a private surveyor and engage them to survey the property to find the exact boundary line.

However, if you just require an estimate, Spatial Services can provide an Orthophoto Map (an aerial map which can be made to show boundary lines and distances) of the property(ies) in question. This is only an estimate, but will give some indication as to where the boundary lies. An example of an Orthophoto Map is available here for viewing.  Visit our Fees and Charges page for our Schedule of Fees.

For more information on neighbourhood disputes, view the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. You can also contact the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, who look after neighbourhood disputes.


For further information about Property Searches or TOPS, please contact council on 1300 878 001.