Property Searches

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What is a property search?

A property search is a type of service council provides that allows you to obtain information on your property. There are different types of property searches, depending on the type of information you are requesting.

Property rate information, certificates and report searches

Council provides several different services on the rate information for a property. These include:

  • Standard Property Search: Provides information on a property such as rates information, property zoning, precinct and overlay information, trade waste information and infrastructure. Council recommends this search when purchasing a dwelling or vacant land
  • Ownership Search: Provides name and postal address details, the property address and real property description
  • Rates Statement: Provides current rates position including rates levied, arrears, interest and concessions to the owner of an agent acting for the vendor
  • Special Water Meter Reading: Provides current water meter read, water meter number and date of read
  • Limited Planning and Development Certificate: A legislative confirmation letter from council summarising any planning scheme, state planning regulatory provisions or any plan of development that apply to the property
  • Standard Planning and Development Certificate: The same as a limited certificate but also inclusive of all planning and development documentation that applies to the property
  • Full Planning and Development Certificate: The same as a standard certificate but also inclusive of any infrastructure agreements, statement of applicable conditions to development approval, and advice about any prosecutions or proceedings for a prosecution under the Planning Act 2016
  • Plumbing Inspections and Reports: Includes site inspection by council officer with full report provided to customer
  • Plumbing and Drainage Reports Search: Includes complete search of all council plumbing and drainage records with full details provided to customer.

For more information on Planning and Development Certificates, read the certificates information sheet.

Building and planning document searches

Council holds copies of building and planning records for most Townsville properties, which can be helpful if you are looking to buy, sell or renovate. There are two types of building and planning records searches:

  • File view: Council will find and provide access to all documentation available under legislation pertaining to a property. This service is free of charge.
  • Specific document search: Council will find a specific type of documentation available under legislation pertaining to a property at your request (for example, Decision Notices only)

Once your order has been received by council we will endeavour to have documentation available to view within ten working days.

All results for file view and document search request will be delivered to the applicant via an email with an embedded link to the documentation. Please note this link will expiry after 10 working days.

For further information about Property Searches or TOPS, please contact council on 13 48 10.