Transfer Stations & Landfill

It’s free to drop off green waste and recoverable household items all year-round!

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On this page you can find out more about our waste facility locations, opening hours, and what is accepted at each facility. We operate one landfill and five transfer stations that are open to the public for the purpose of waste disposal and resource recovery of reusable and recyclable products.

The weight of waste is measured through the use of weighbridges onsite. Deemed weights (pre-set weights) will apply at some facilities if a weighbridge is not operational.

If you are a domestic (non-commercial) customer it's free to drop off a selection of household items at our waste facilities, these are listed under each of the facilities below.

Tips for tips:

  • Flatten cardboard boxes and remove any plastic or styrofoam
  • Load reusable and recyclable items last for easy removal
  • Secure your load – make sure it is tied down and/or covered.

All waste facilities are closed to the public on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Transfer Station Details

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