Rate Comparisons

How do Townsville’s Rates Compare?

This year’s 5.1% average rate and utilities increase places Townsville within the range of other Queensland councils’ rate and utilities increases for 2024-25 (5.6%).

  • Townsville average = 5.1%
  • Queensland benchmarked average = 5.6%

2024-25 Rates Comparison graph

Total Annual Rates and Utilities Charges

Townsville’s rates and utilities are comparable to the average rates and utilities charges across Queensland. In fact, Townsville’s average annual rate and utilities notice is $2 less than the Queensland benchmarked average.

  • Townsville average total = $3,801
  • Queensland benchmarked average total = $3,803

2024-25 Average charges comparison graph

2024-25 Rates Benchmarking Snapshot

We have calculated and compared rate and utilities charges, discounts and average totals for 11 councils across Queensland, including Townsville, with 2024-25 budget information available at the time this snapshot was developed.

View the full snapshot to see how Townsville compares: