Supporting Sustainability Experiences

Council continues to explore and support local innovation in providing new ways that residents and visitors interact and experience our spectacular natural environment. There are emerging and best practice ways to interpret, appreciate and learn about our natural environment and sprawling biodiversity that we have to offer, without compromising the natural environment. Council encourages local businesses to explore these diverse opportunities that lean into tourism as a tool to provide educational, impactful experiences that benefit people, place and planet.

Different types of tourism experiences

Edutourism: Edutourism, or educational tourism, is where individuals engage in educational experiences while exploring new areas. It combines elements of tour guiding with learning opportunities, enriching locals and visitors understanding of culture, history, or environment.

Voluntourism: Voluntourism involves participating in volunteer work as part of a travel experience, contributing to local initiatives and conservation efforts. It combines the desire to explore with the desire to make a positive impact, allowing people to engage in meaningful activities while exploring new places.

Ecotourism: Ecotourism focuses on treading carefully and responsible in natural areas to conserve the environment, sustain the well-being of local people, and educate visitors about the importance of conservation. It aims to minimize negative impacts on ecosystems and promote sustainable practices, fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world.

Sustainable tourism: Sustainable tourism seeks to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment, society, and economy, while maximizing the benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Regenerative tourism: Regenerative tourism goes beyond sustainability by aiming to actively restore and regenerate the ecosystems, cultures, and communities. It focuses on creating positive impacts, such as biodiversity conservation, cultural revitalization, and social empowerment, to leave destinations in a better condition than before.

Exploring new eco experience offerings

If you would like to increase environmental stewardship and conservation in the local environment and community, there are a range of opportunities available to start on your journey. This may include:

  • looking into the sustainability of your business with a range of programs
  • learning how to provide quality sustainability experiences for customers through experiences and guiding

Provide best practice guiding and education on nature