Trade Waste

What is trade waste?

Trade waste is waterborne waste from any commercial or industrial activity that is discharged to the sewer.

Trade waste excludes domestic wastewater, for example toilets, showers, hand washing and non-commercial kitchens.

Managing trade waste

It’s important to manage trade waste as it may contain substances that cause blockages or damage to our sewerage system or the environment, or pose a risk to our workers.

Contaminants of concern include fats, heavy metals, ammonia, solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and other chemicals.

To allow us to manage these risks, any business that discharges trade waste to the sewer needs trade waste approval.

More information and factsheets

For more information on trade waste, contact Townsville Water on 13 48 10 or

You can also download the following PDF factsheets which have been designed to answer common queries.

Trade Waste Stormwater Management Factsheet (PDF)

These documents are also available for download:

ISO-9001 MarkISO-14001-Mark