Fees & Charges

Following is a full list of fees and charges for departments, venues and facilities across council.

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Library service charges, meeting rooms, publications and digital images.

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Hire charges and operational fees for Annandale, Heatley, Oonoonba, Railway Estate, Riverside Gardens and Wulguru Community Centres.

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Venue and event fees and charges for Townsville Civic Theatre, Riverway Arts Centre, TicketShop, Old Magistrates Court, Reid Park Pit Complex, Council Event Site Fees, Townsville Bulletin Square and Open Spaces such as sporting fields and feature parks..

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Food business and safety, environmental protection and personal appearance activities.

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Full rates & property search, copy of rates notices, special water meter readings, search of council land records, change of ownership charge, ownership search and credit card surcharge fees.

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Venue hire Perc Tucker Regional Gallery and Pinnacles Gallery

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Lake Paluma camping fees and terms and conditions.

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Planning general fees, change of use, operational works, compliance assessment, hydraulic services, building assessment services, flood modelling services, inspection & purchase of documentation, private certification lodgements, outdoor dining and register of cost recovery fees.

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Animal management (including local laws approvals and rescue fees), commercial approvals and health compliance programs.

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The information contained in this pamphlet outlines the
2016/17 Townsville City Council Rates and Charges.

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Mapping and aerial photography products including MOSAIC Premium and historical hard copy maps.

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Venue fees for Tony Ireland Stadium, Townsville Stadium, Riverway Oval, Riverway Parkland, Aquatic Centres and Riverway Lagoons

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These fees and charges apply to the Belgian Gardens, West End and Manton Cemeteries.

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Water testing, microbiology, soils & sediments, contracted services, administration services and other charges.

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Household, commercial & industrial, construction & demolition, hazardous waste, sale of wheelie bins and accessories.

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Water fees & charges (including meter & service connections, metered standpipe charges, water meter testing), sewer and water main location charges.

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Wastewater fees & charges (including trade waste application, non compliance inspection & analysis fees, annual sewer loading charges and sewerage blockage fees)