Fees & Charges

Following is a full list of fees and charges for departments, venues and facilities across council.

Please note that these PDF documents are interactive and we recommend you use the table of contents to find the fee or charge you are looking for.

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The information contained in this document outlines the Townsville City Council Rates and Charges for 2023/24.

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Full Schedule of Townsville City Council Fees and Charges

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Animal management Fees and Charges including animal adoptions, dog registrations, animal keeping permits, release and rescue fees.

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Inspection and purchase of building and planning records held by council.

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Townsville Citylibraries 2023/24 Fees and Charges include library service charges, meeting rooms, and digital images.

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Rates and property searches, change of ownership, water meter readings and requests for information under the Right to Information Act.

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All hire fees and additional charges for bookable areas in Council Galleries, Performing Art Spaces, Stadiums, Community Centres, Meeting Rooms and Sporting facilities.

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Planning and Development Fees and Charges include Planning general fees, material change of use, operational works, compliance assessment, hydraulic services, building assessment services, flood modelling services, private certification lodgements and outdoor dining fees.

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Recreation Fees and Charges including Paluma Dam camping, pool admission and hire, Riverway.

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Regulatory Services Fees and Charges including Local Laws, commercial approvals, health compliance programs and parking enforcement.

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Household, commercial & industrial, construction & demolition, hazardous waste, sale of wheelie bins and accessories.

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Schedule of charges for GIS Mapping.

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Townsville Cemeteries Fees and Charges apply to the Belgian Gardens, West End and Manton Cemeteries.

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Water, Wastewater, Laboratory fees & charges.