Doing Business with Council

Council's goal for the next five years is to reach 90% of our procurement spend with local businesses and 65% with small to medium-sized businesses.

Throughout the year, Council runs Doing Business with Council sessions to meet with businesses to discuss how you can do business with Council.

Anyone doing business with Council or receiving any payment is required to be established in Council’s financial system (CES) and registered with Eftsure.


Council’s new supplier onboarding process provides improved data and payment security for Townsville City Council and its suppliers.

Council uses Eftsure as part of its risk management, compliance monitoring and accounts payable processes to improve security measures and manage fraudulent or cybercrime activities.

This additional step in the business engagement process will establish:

  • a single environment for gathering information
  • additional security measures ensuring legitimate and verified supplier information is obtained by Council
  • a standardised and transparent onboarding process.

For more information, visit the Eftsure website.


For more information, please contact

For Eftsure technical support, please contact 1300 985 976.