Water Supply & Dams

Townsville Water is responsible for providing water supply services to the Townsville area.

Townsville Water Updates

Townsville Water is committed to providing safe, reliable, value for money water services for the Townsville community.

Our Water Smart City

For our city to grow sustainably, it is important our water services meet future demands and empower our community to create lasting waterwise changes.

Water Conservation Measures

Learn more about council's water conservation measures.

Common Water Questions

Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about water.

Change your water billing

Did you know that you can choose how you're billed for your water?

How to save water at home

Helpful water saving tips for the house and garden.


Water meters measure the amount of water used at your property, learn how to read them and locate them.

Smart Meters

Smart meters make it easier to monitor and manage your daily water usage by providing hourly consumption data and early leak detection at the touch of a button.

Dam Levels

View graphs of the current and historical dam levels in Townsville.

Ross River Dam

Ross River Dam is one of the two primary sources of water for Townsville.

Paluma Dam

Paluma Dam is one of the two primary sources of water for Townsville.

Role and Strategy

Our customer service standards, drinking water FAQ, performance reporting and our strategic vision for the future of water demand management.

Water Leaks

If you spot a water leak around town, don't assume we know about it. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can get on with fixing it.

Blue-green algae in Ross River Dam

View information and advice on blue green algae levels in Ross River Dam.

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