Street Art

Townsville City Council recognises Street Art as an important factor in creating a vibrant and lively city centre. Contributing to placemaking and urban living transformation, Street Art delivers considerable benefits for the city and its residents.

With a growing presence - including commissioned pieces by world-renowned artists and local talents alike, such as ROA, HAHA, Fintan Magee, Lee Harnden, Kennie Deaner, and the RUN Collective - Street Art is becoming a must-see when visiting the CBD. Guiding the Street Art movement in Townsville is the Street Art Activation Framework. Developed by a larger working group consisting of Townsville City Council, community and organisational stakeholders, the Framework outlines the path forward for Townsville’s Street Art development.

The Street Art movement in Townsville provides local artists with exciting professional development and career opportunities and adds value to Townsville’s arts and culture product. Economically, Street Art helps to activate the CBD, encourage cultural tourism, and strengthen the city’s arts sector.

Street Art Toolkits

Street Art Toolkits provide information for property owners on finding and contracting an artist, and for artists on how to get their street art approved. The toolkits form part of the Street Art Activation Framework, which aims to take a proactive approach to street art initiatives throughout Townsville.

Local Street Artist Call Out!

Townsville City Council is looking to expand the CBD's Street Art trail with a number of exciting new site locations becoming available in 2020.

Council is seeking local Townsville Street Artists both emerging and professional to register their details. A number of opportunities have been identified for artists who will be selected from this callout to receive an Expression of Interest.

Artists who submit their details will be placed into a local Street Artist Registry, which will provide Galleries with a greater understanding of the talent available locally, and provide a more extensive range of artists for Street Art opportunities. Galleries are often asked by external organisations for local Street Artists or Muralists for various artwork commission projects, so there is an identified need to form a comprehensive list of the local talent available. If you agree, your contact details may be passed onto those looking to commission artwork.

Expression of Interest online application

Street Art Locations

The Street Art City Walking Trail: 2020 edition is designed to make it easy for you to discover Townsville’s growing Street Art collection as you navigate the city’s streets, it can be downloaded below:

Street Art Walking Trail (PDF, 4.1 MB)

  • Denham Lane: featuring work by the RUN Collective, Kennie Deaner, HAHA, and ROA
  • Ogden Street: featuring work by the RUN Collective, ROA, Baby Guerrilla, Beastman and Leans
  • City Lane: featuring work by Fintan Magee, and Lee Harnden
  • Sturt Street: featuring work by ROA, TELLAS and Roberto Ciredz
  • Melton Terrace: featuring work by Adnate
  • Flinders Street: featuring work by Garth Jankovic and Nicky Bidju-Pryor


Street art activation is happening continually, so keep your eye out for more additions and workshops.

How will this be achieved?

Council Council are working with several external organisations to delivery programs to meet the objectives of the Street Art Activation Framework. These include:

  • The Murray Skate Park Outdoor Free Wall: The city’s first free use, community Street Art space where local street artists can practice skills and showcase their work.
  • The Riverway Skate Park Outdoor Free Wall: The second free wall created to allow local street artists to practice and showcase their work.
  • Commissions: As shown by already completed pieces throughout the CBD, commissions significantly enhance the uniqueness and aesthetic of our public spaces.
  • Professional Development Projects and Workshops: These activities expand the skill set of the region’s homegrown creative talent, build resilience in the sector and encourage an active and vibrant Street Art scene.

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