Minimising Waste

Rory the stick figure pushing a wheelbarrow of itemsResource recovery and waste minimisation is a key driver of our goal to facilitate a shift towards a circular economy and reach our target of diverting 60% of material from landfill by 2026. Sending waste to landfill not only takes up valuable and finite space, but also increases pressures on natural resources, and emits powerful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

You will probably be surprised by the amount of waste you can reduce by making simple changes to move toward zero waste in your home and community.

Keep Items out of Landfill

Just because something can't go into your recycling or waste bin doesn't mean it has to end up in a landfill. Many items can be recycled through other means or even sold or donated if they're in good condition.

Do you have unwanted items that are too good to throw away? They might be useful to someone else!

Here are some ways to keep items out of landfill:

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Townsville, let's work together towards a zero waste goal! With your support, we can reduce waste, improve resource recovery and build a sustainable future for Townsville.

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