Let's Get it Sorted

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to keep material out of landfill.

Townsville residents recycle approximately 15,000 tonnes of household packaging materials every year – this is great work! Despite this, our bin health checks across Townsville have shown that each year we are still sending more than 10,000 tonnes of recyclable material to landfill through our general waste bins.

It’s time to look at how we can work together to keep improving our recycling efforts and recovering these valuable materials.

As well as understanding what can and can't be recycled, we ask that your recyclables are free from food and other contaminants, never bagged, and free from broken glass or other hazardous materials.

Recycling Tips

Check out the tips below to help you recycle right!

Upsize to a 360L Recycling Bin

A 360 litre yellow recycling bin, it is 120 litres larger than the standard recycling binSupersize your recycling and swap your 240L recycling bin to the 360L bin for the same annual charge (an extra 120L of recycling space). The 360L bin is ideal for households larger than three people and any recycling champions who have an overflowing recycling bin.

Please note that a one-off changeover fee of $34.50 will apply.

More Recycling Information