Kerbside Collection

The city-wide collection service will be delivered across a calendar year, and will be split into 25 zones.

Council encourages all residents to put their hard waste on the kerb in line with the zone commencement dates identified in the table below. Council encourages all residents to familiarise which zone their residence is positioned in, and please please refrain from putting hard waste on the kerb NO MORE than 7 days prior to the indicative zone commencement date.

Find your zone

Please be advised that the dates listed below are indicative only, and subject to change.
We thank you for your patience throughout this process.

ZoneSuburbsZone Commencement Dates
24Alligator Creek, Barringha, Brookhill, Calcium, Cape Cleveland, Cungulla, Julago, Majors Creek, Nome, Oak Valley, Reid River, Roseneath, Stuart, Toonpan and Woodstock29/10/18
25Balgal Beach, Clemant, Crystal Creek, Mutarnee, Paluma, Rollingstone and Toomulla12/11/18

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Zone 24 Map

Zone 25 Map

Kerbside Collection - Zone 24 ThumbKerbside Collection - Zone 25 Thumb

Access a complete list of all 25 zones.

It is important to note that this service is applicable to residential properties only, and that all hard waste left out for collection is no more than 2 cubic metres in size.

Residents should also familiarise themselves with what hard waste items can and cannot be collected. The full list is outlined below in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Council will continue to provide updates to residents throughout this campaign to ensure they are familiar with when their residence is due for collection. This will be delivered via mainstream advertising mediums such as radio and TV; as well as direct mail campaigns (such as letterbox drops). The best source of information on the Free Kerbside collection will be Council’s website and social media channels.

Council thanks you for your patience throughout this campaign, and are delighted to be delivering on our promises.

Frequently asked questions

  • What items can be collected?
    • * White goods
      * Fridges and freezers MUST have the doors removed for safety purposes
      * Hot water systems
      * Mattresses (limit of 2 per property)
      * Furniture items
      * E-waste
      * Toys, bicycles and sporting goods
      * Tin and scrap iron up to 2 metres in length
      * Sinks
      * Wood products.
  • What items can not be collected?
    • * Vegetation and greenwaste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
      * Dirt and stones
      * Bricks and concrete
      * Commercial builders waste
      * Car parts and tyres
      * General household waste (eg food scraps)
      * Liquids including paints and oils
      * Hazardous wastes (eg chemicals, oil, asbestos)
      * Gas bottles
      * Glass and mirrors
      * Household waste that normally goes into your refuse or recycling bin
      * Publications considered to be classified (only non-restricted items may be placed kerbside)
      * Other items that may present a risk to safety.
  • How much hard waste can I put on the kerb?
    • * A limit of two cubic metres per residence (approximately eight garbage bins in size)
      * Load must be able to be safely loaded by two people
      * Max length of any item is 2 metres.
  • How long will this campaign take?
    • The city-wide collection service will be delivered across a calendar year, and will be split into 25 zones.

      Zone 1 collection will commence on 29 January 2018. View a full zone listing.

  • What is hard waste?
    • * Hard rubbish is large items that cannot fit in a regular residential bin and are usually quite large.
      NOTE: if disposing of fridges and freezers the doors must be removed for safety reasons.
  • Who is eligible to receive this service?
    • * This service is applicable to residential properties only (no commercial businesses or vacant land)
      * Residential customers who have been charged the waste levy fee in their rates will be provided with this service
      * This means that some rural areas may not be eligible.

  • What happens if I miss my nominated collection day?
    • * It is imperative that residents familiarise themselves with their nominated zone and collection date
      * Council will communicate this message to residents via mainstream media advertising, direct mail to residents addresses, and on digital and social platforms
      * Due to the tight timeframe allocated to each zone, we are unable to offer a return service
      * Alternatively some items can be disposed of for free at the dump or through Clean It Industrial Services.
  • What happens if I put my rubbish out after the collection date?
    • * A record of each house that presents kerbside collection is recorded and the date in which this street is done
      *If rubbish is put out after this time a Notice will be issued to the residents to advise they may be fined if they do not remove the kerbside collectable from the kerb
      * Drivers will be completing a "proof of service" form each day, so there will be a record of which properties have been collected.

  • What if the rubbish is not secure?
    • * It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure items are secured when presenting them on the kerbside
      * If a resident has failed to do, this other residents may choose to raise a non-compliant dumping/litter complaint against them
      * Residents are also responsible for ensuring that the items placed out on the kerbside will not cause injury or be unsafe.
  • What happens if someone puts their rubbish on my footpath and my rubbish gets left behind because of it?
    • * If this occurs the resident needs to advise council in advance and the other items will be stickered as Non- Collectable.
  • What if someone goes through the rubbish on my footpath and vandalises it or makes a mess?
    • We are hoping people will be courteous to their neighbours, but in the event that this occurs it will be the responsibility of the resident to tidy up their kerbside.
  • What if council can't access my footpath?
    • * Properties will be dealt with on a case by case basis
      * If building work is being carried out at the property the resident will be required to arrange access through their builder directly
      * If council work is being carried out in the area the departments will communicate internally to ensure both activities can be completed in the scheduled timeframe
      *Council will also be endeavouring to work with other service providers (e.g. Ergon) to ensure non-council works also don't prevent the collections
      * If cars are blocking access this will also be dealt with on a case by case basis.