B-cycle your Batteries and Vapes

When safely recycled through the B-cycle scheme, up to 95% of a battery’s components can be turned into new batteries or used in other industries. Each B-cycle drop-off location partners with certified battery collectors and recyclers to ensure the safe handling, recycling, and transformation of your batteries into new products.

Your old batteries undergo a process where they are broken down into their basic components such as plastic, nickel, steel, and lithium, and are then repurposed into items like metal tools, computer components, or fresh batteries.

Council is an accredited B-cycle battery steward and so household batteries and vapes can be dropped off for free at B-Cycle points at over 30 locations across Townsville, including all Townsville Citylibraries, the Stuart Waste Facility, and the Hervey Range Waste Transfer Station.

B-cycling batteries also ensures the safety of our people and equipment. Batteries are the most common form of hazardous household waste in Australia. Used batteries cannot be recycled in your regular recycling bin or disposed in your general waste bin. When disposed of in household or workplace bins, batteries (including the ones in vapes) can cause fires in our collection trucks, material recovery facilities, and in landfills. Over time, batteries deteriorate, releasing their harmful components into landfills, where they seep into the environment, posing risks to both wildlife and humans.

Help us make a positive impact by responsibly recycling your household batteries. Removable batteries from a range of household items can be B-cycled, including:

  • batteries from vapes and e-cigarettes. (No need to dismantle, just drop them in whole)
  • button batteries that power small electronic items such as watches and hearing aids
  • easily removable batteries from items such as cameras, power tools, e-bikes and e-scooters*
  • rechargeable batteries up to 5kg
  • standard sized household batteries used to power everyday items including AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 9V and 6V batteries.

Visit the B-cycle website to find your nearest drop-off point.

* Batteries from power tools, e-bikes and e-scooters can only be dropped off at select B-cycle points. Search by battery type and location for these batteries.

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