North Australia Arts Precinct

Investment TBD
Goal 4. A sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports and events and recreational activities.
Strategic PurposeDevelopment of an Arts Precinct will establish Townsville as an events capital, attract world class events and deliver significant economic benefit.
StatusConcept Development

The North Australia Arts Precinct will be an international standard, multi-purpose venue which celebrates and promotes First Nations culture through immersive visual and performing art experiences.

Several studies have been conducted and demonstrate a significant gap in cultural infrastructure and clear need for capital investment in arts and culture facilities in the Townsville region. Townsville’s current facilities are dated and have insufficient capacity to meet Northern Australia’s growing demand.

Townsville City Council are pursuing opportunities to support its arts community and enable continued growth in its cultural offerings for the region through the development of a cutting-edge arts precinct which provides diverse offerings of visual and performing art facilities.

The delivery of a modern and flexible entertainment facility is a key commitment under the Townsville City Deal. Through the City Deal, the Australian Government is progressing delivery of a detailed business case for a Concert Hall in Townsville.

The successful delivery of the North Australia Arts Precinct will further enhance Townsville’s reputation as the events capital of North Australia and attract world-class performances to the region.