Mentally Healthy City

Townsville City Council proudly supports the Mentally Healthy City project. It's the people of Townsville that make our city great. Townsville City Council promotes initiatives that support the health and wellbeing of the people. Mental health is as important as physical health.

What is the Mentally Healthy City project?

The Mentally Healthy City project aims to help the people of Townsville flourish and thrive as a community by heightening the focus on mental wellness and through assisting individuals and organisations to better support those people who from time to time may be mentally unwell.

The Tropical Brain and Mind Foundation wants to build an inclusive, active and healthy community and ensure Townsville is Australia’s first mentally healthy city. The Townsville Mentally Healthy City project wants to remove the stigma attached to depression, anxiety and other conditions and create a common and positive approach to mental wellness.

Cr Molachino with a Mentally Healthy City decalTake the pledge!

In October 2020, Townsville City Council pledged to become a mentally healthy workplace by helping to raise mental health awareness amongst its employees, and sharing tips on how to direct colleagues, family members and friends to the appropriate support services available it needed.

In addition to this, Council also proudly displays its support of this important initiative by installing decals on some of its fleet of vehicles.

For sponsorship opportunities, general enquiries or more information, visit the Mentally Healthy City Townsville website.

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