Property Pest Management

A Property Pest Management Plan is an important part of an overall property management plan. It is a plan developed by you with the assistance of Council officers for the strategic management of pest plants and animals on your property.

Pest Management Subsidy Scheme

Council is committed to working with landholders to fulfill their pest management responsibilities. The scheme aims to enable coordination across boundaries. Higher participation will increase the benefit for landholders and our natural environment.

The Property Management Subsidy Scheme comprises of several components:

  • Property Pest Management Plan - a personalised 3 year plan that guides landholder on best practice pest management and contributes to profitable and sustainable management of the property.
  • Subsidy Scheme (includes the Herbicide Subsidy Scheme) - 50% rebate of auditable pest management costs following an approved subsidy application. Properties 2-200ha can claim up to $800 and properties over 200ha can claim up to $1600.
  • Equipment Hire - a 200L trailer-mounted motorized spray unity is available for hire.
  • Technical knowledge - assistance in plant identification, control and management is provided with the development of the Property Pest Management Plan. Support is provided throughout the life of the Plan.

*The subsidy will be paid to an individual upon provision of a Pest Management Subsidy application form and tax invoice for the costs of pest control that have been identified and approved in that individual's relevant Property Pest Management Plan.

You must have an approved Property Pest Management Plan to be eligible for the Pest Management Subsidy Scheme.