North Rail Yards

Investment TBD
Goal 1. A city that connects you to what you need at the time you choose.
Strategic Purpose Development of the North Rail Yards will provide high-density residential housing with unique and exciting commercial, cultural and heritage opportunities within the Waterfront Priority Development Area (PDA)
Status Concept Development

The Townsville North Rail Yards is a significant heritage place for the city of Townsville.

Established in the 1880s, the North Rail Yards served as a maintenance and construction depot for Queensland Rail for over a Century and was identified as a place of innovation in the 1900s, until the workshops were permanently closed in 1990.

Council has had a long term vision to rejuvenate the significant heritage buildings in North Rail Yards and incorporate the development of commercial and public spaces, which will revitalise the area of the CBD, support the residential components and create a community hub within the North Rail Yards site.

The North Rail Yards will be an active and exciting precinct that provides contemporary use of the rail heritage buildings, retaining their key architectural form and historical elements while respectfully integrating the intent of the Priority Development Area.

The development of the Townsville North Rail Yards presents a significant opportunity to reconnect the city of Townsville to its past and create a unique and exciting offering within the Waterfront Priority Development Area (PDA).

The company, North Rail Yard Developments has been established to oversee development of the site, which will be the southern gateway into Townsville city and support high-density residential housing with commercial and cultural activities that educate and celebrate our city’s heritage and future.

Expressions of Interest are available from Monday 21 August 2023. For further information please visit the North Rail Yards website.