City Plan (planning scheme)

The Townsville City Plan sets out the vision for how Townsville should grow over the next 25 years, and is Council's key document for determining development applications.

Access the Townsville City Plan

If you are planning on making a development application, it is important that you refer to the Townsville City Plan in order to understand more about the type of application and assessment your proposal falls under.

You can access the Townsville City Plan using:

  • ePlanning - Council's online planning portal (Note: This link will take you directly to the Townsville City Plan.)
  • TownsvilleMAPS Mapping Service - presents the Townsville City Plan zoning and overlay mapping

To assist you in understanding the Townsville City Plan, Council has prepared the Townsville City Plan User Guide, which explains the function of each section in detail.

Townsville City Plan proposed Lansdown major amendment

Proposed amendment

To facilitate future industrial development within the City of Townsville, Council resolved, on 25 July 2017, to undertake the Lansdown major amendment to the Townsville City Plan (2014). The proposed Lansdown major amendment relates to varying the zoning of land at 132 Bidwilli Road, Calcium (former known as Lansdown Station) from the Rural zone and including the site into zoning that supports the site’s longer-term development focus - being the establishment of the proposed motor sport facility (Drive It NQ) and higher impact industrial-based uses.


Submissions on the proposed Lansdown major amendment have now closed.

Council has reviewed all submissions and prepared a public consultation report.  The Public Consultation Submissions Review Report (January 2020) provides an overview of the submissions received on the proposed major amendment and details how council has responded to the matters raised in the submissions.

What happens next?

Council will send letters to all submitters, which provide a link to the location of the public consultation report on council’s website where the report can be viewed and downloaded.  The report will also be available to inspect at Council’s customer service centre, ground floor, 103 Walker Street.

The proposed major amendment (with changes arising out of public consultation) will be provided to the state government, seeking approval to adopt the major amendment.

Amendment process

The proposed Lansdown major amendment is being undertaken in terms of a section 18 amendment process as per the requirements outlined in the Planning Act 2016 and the Minister’s Guidelines and Rules (July 2017).

Planning for Townsville’s Future

Ever wondered how a city is shaped? Find out more about our Planning Scheme and how Council is planning for Townsville’s future by viewing our video below.

Further information

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