Residential Parking

Council is regularly called upon to help residents when parked or stopped vehicles are restricting local access and traffic flow.

Diagram - parking in residential streetCouncil is the only authority permitted to erect signs or paint marked bays to control street parking; this is mainly carried out in commercial areas.

In the few instances where parking signs exist in residential streets, Council Officers are able to enforce restrictions. However, Council does not actively enforce parking in residential areas.

The police are also able to enforce parking and will act on complaints received, but they will usually only take action where the situation is considered potentially dangerous.

Motorists can park on both sides of the road but must leave at least three metres of clear roadway between their vehicle and other parked vehicles, dividing strips, traffic islands or unbroken dividing lines (see diagram).

Where no signs are erected in a two-way street, vehicles must park parallel to the left side of the street. Parking is illegal on nature strips, footpaths and across kerb ramps.

Frequently Asked Questions