E-scooter Commercial Permits

Council operates a commercial permit system for companies operating E-scooters. Check directly with the companies for updates.

The companies will be required to clean their scooters, track usage for any contact tracing, and comply with direction from Queensland Government's Chief Health Officer.

E-scooter Laws and Road Rules

E-scooter users are subject to regulations and the Australian Road Rules. For rules applying to riding e-scooters in Queensland, please visit Rules for personal mobility devices.

The Queensland Police can issue penalties for any breaches of the Queensland road rules.

Riders are not permitted to use e-scooters:

  • On Castle Hill at any time
  • Palmer Street between Dean Street and Plume Streets from 5:30pm – 6am daily
  • Flinders Street East between Denham Street, Wickham and King Streets on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm – 6am
  • Flinders Street between Denham and Stanley Streets on Sundays from 3am – 3pm.

E-scooters reach a maximum of 25km/h, however speed is also limited in certain locations for safety reasons. These ‘slow zones’ are set by the E-scooter Working Group and managed by GPS and geolocation.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the operation of e-scooters (poorly parked scooters, user behaviour, accidents or injuries), contact the providers directly by phone or email:

CompanyNeuron Customer Support Line (Orange) Beam Customer Support Line (Purple)
Age Limit12+ with adult and 16+ unsupervised 12+ with adult and 16+ unsupervised
Phone 07 4243 4343 07 3186 1039
ImageeScooter - Neuron  eScooter - Beam 

Townsville City Council Customer Service Centre can respond to feedback and questions regarding the e-scooter permits by calling 13 48 10 or emailing enquiries@townsville.qld.gov.au.