Building Approval Reports

These reports are designed to provide an overview of building activity around the city. They provide information on the number of approvals issued each month along with the estimated value of those approvals. This includes:

  • new dwellings - single detached new dwellings
  • new units - duplex and multiple dwelling approvals, providing the number of approvals and the number of new residential units
  • commercial - includes all Class 3 to 9 and all subsets as described under the Building Code of Australia
  • pools and spas - stand alone pool and spa approvals
    (Note: Swimming pool and spa applications that have been combined with a new dwelling are not included here.)
  • other residential - Class 1 and 10 alterations, additions and minor structures e.g. patio, garden shed, additions to existing dwellings.

Information provided in the reports available below is governed by the provisions of the Information Privacy Act 2009, and the Planning Act 2016. The reports are generated from Council’s administrative database which records the building approval process and are provided as a guide to Townsville’s growth and as an economic snapshot. The regular reporting period is conducted after five business days within each new month, for the previous month and month prior (version two of each report).

Cautions in using the data

State government development information is not required to be given to council. Therefore, the building approval data only includes a small proportion of state government work, and this should be taken into consideration when analysing the information (i.e. the estimated value of works may not include developments such as works to schools, hospitals or defence).

The estimated value of works needs to be used with some caution. As this is provided at the planning stage of works, this may not accurately reflect the final cost of works.

The number of works for the most recent two months also needs to be used with some caution. While private building certifiers are required to provide the information to council within five business days of the decision notice being issued, this does not always occur. Data is regularly reviewed for accuracy; however, minor representation errors may still occur.

ABS building approvals data

The data produced is also regularly provided to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The ABS compiles statistics of both private and public sector works and produces publications via AUSSTATS. Please note that due to the differences in scope and reporting parameters, the details of approved building works will vary from Council’s data.

More information

If you require information about building and planning approvals, or a summary report from a previous year, please contact Council.