Water Conservation Measures

What it means for me

Council understands how important our water is and is striving to preserve this precious resource whilst still allowing residents to use water when they need it. As a city we need to use our water wisely to ensure Townsville’s water supply is secure now and into the future.

Although these measures provide residents with more flexibility over their watering times, it is important to keep in mind that gardens only need 4-6 hours of watering per week to thrive. Watering times should also be reduced following periods of rainfall.

Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens
(including school grounds/gardens)

Sprinklers can be used between 5pm-8am (odds and evens system)

  • Specifically from 5pm on your allocated day until 8am the following day:
Even Houses
Tuesday from 5pm to Wednesday 8am
Thursday from 5pm to Friday 8am
Saturday from 5pm to Sunday 8am
Odd Houses
Wednesday from 5pm to Thursday 8am
Friday from 5pm to Saturday 8am
Sunday from 5pm to Monday 8am

The odds and evens system is designed to minimise impact on the city's water reticulation system

  • Handheld watering with a trigger nozzle can be done at any time on any day, although we recommend the early mornings and evenings where possible

Important Note:

Remember that weeper hoses are most effective when used on garden beds and covered by mulch, they are not recommended for use on exposed areas like lawn.

Washing hard surfaces, vehicles and boats

  • We recommend using pressure washers or a hose using a trigger nozzle attached

Sports fields (including school sports fields)

  • Water Efficiency Management Plans will still apply

Commercial nurseries and market gardens

  • Watering between 5pm-8am on odds and evens system

Turf farms

  • Contact Council to arrange for an expert to develop a water efficiency plan for your business


Council’s 3-point water security solution will deliver long-term water security for Townsville and includes:

  1. The new 1.8-metre diameter pipeline
  2. A recycled water reuse scheme for public open spaces and industrial use
  3. Water Smart Package

As part of the 3-point water security solution, it is intended that selected Council parks and gardens will transition to using recycled water once the recycled water reuse scheme is operational.

The Water Smart Package has now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about interim water conservation measures.

The Water Smart Package

The Water Smart Package was open to all homeowners, renters and body corporates and provided vouchers or rebates for water efficient products and services.

The Water Smart Package has now closed.

The Water Smart Package is funded from the Queensland Government’s $225 million investment in water security in Townsville.