Water Conservation Measures

Strong lawns are watered just enough!Calendar showing water no more than twice in the dry and never when it's wet

Remember, water no more than twice a week in the dry and never in the wet. Let’s use our water wisely as wet season begins and rain and humidity returns.

Townsville soils typically get more than enough rain from December to March, so you can switch off your irrigation and let the rain do the heavy lifting. This will help conserve precious water for the drier months.

View the Wet Season Lawn Care Calendar (PDF)

What This Means for You

We understand how important our water is and is striving to preserve this precious resource whilst still allowing residents to use water when they need it. As a city we need to use our water wisely to ensure Townsville’s water supply is secure now and into the future.

Although these measures provide residents with more flexibility over their watering times, it is important to keep in mind that gardens only need 4 to 6 hours of watering per week to thrive. Watering times should also be reduced following periods of rainfall.