Young People

Townsville City Council recognises the significant value of young people and their contributions to the community.

Council, through its grants program, assists community groups in providing opportunities, effective youth services and projects throughout the Townsville region.

Townsville Youth Council

'12 to 25 in age, 12 to 25 in strength'

The Townsville Youth Council is now recruiting. If you are aged between 12-25, living in Townsville, and have an interest in youth-related issues, you can apply to become a member. The application process can be completed online!

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The role of the Townsville Youth Council (TYC) is to represent young people, communicate and liaise with the community, and organise projects and events in order to improve the status of all young people and provide greater opportunities. This is achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Establishing and supporting a channel for young people to provide feedback, communication, information, and innovation to Townsville City Council, other levels of government, and the community.
  • Identifying key issues relating to young people in the Townsville area and actively participating in strategies to address these.
  • Raising the profile of young people in Townsville and promoting their contribution to community life.
  • Maintaining an inclusive and representative membership of the TYC which encourages and supports participation of young people from a broad range of life experiences and future aspirations.
  • Providing the opportunity for young people to experience civic decision making processes and supporting their own active participation in these processes.

TYC members are appointed to be a part of an advisory, consultative, and action group within the Townsville region. There is no set timeframe for membership. Members are able to commit to TYC for a timeframe that suits them. This allows consistency in involvement and progress of TYC actions plus recognises members who wish to commit to long-term involvement with TYC.

Who can apply to join the Townsville Youth Council?

If you live in Townsville, are between the ages of 12 to 25 years old, passionate about improving the quality of youth life in Townsville, can attend fortnightly Thursday meetings from 5pm to 7pm and enjoy engaging with and sharing great ideas with other like-minded young people, then you are a sure candidate for membership in the Youth Council.

Download a copy of the Townsville Youth Council Terms of Reference (PDF)

For your membership application, contact the Community Development Officer on 13 48 10 or email us.

If you would like to be kept up to date on Townsville Youth Council information, projects and activities please email us and ask to be added to the Townsville Youth Council emailing list.

What are the benefits of being involved?

  • Play a role in improving life for young people in Townsville
  • The chance to work with key decision-makers in the community
  • Engaging with and networking with other likeminded young people
  • The fun factor and the challenge!

How are members selected?

We aim to have a diverse group of young people involved in the Townsville Youth Council. Members will be selected on their ability to identify current and emerging youth issues and communicate between Youth Council and the wider community.

For further information contact council's Community Development Officer 13 48 10 or email us.