Lights, camera for Heatley Park

Date published: 22 December 2016

Council has moved to tackle reports of anti-social behaviour in Heatley Park, installing temporary solar powered lights and a mobile CCTV trailer near the playground this week.

In a first for council, the equipment will remain in place for two months in an effort to deter crime as well as gather information to inform a plan to boost safety in the community park.

Council’s community Response Vehicle will also conduct regular patrols of the area.

Divisional councillor Kurt Rehbein said the program had been initiated following complaints by residents of vandalism and graffiti after dark.

“We’ve moved in three solar light towers to spotlight the playground area as well as a mobile CCTV unit to help deter any anti-social behaviour in the park during the night hours,” Cr Rehbein said.

“While we know these measures will help in the short term, we are working with local residents and Queensland Police to look at ways to tackle this problem in the long-term.”

Pre-surveys have been hand delivered to all houses that adjoin the park and are also able to be completed online. Invitations to a follow-up survey will also be provided once the two-month period is complete.

“We will be interested to assess whether there’s any other ways we could tackle this problem such as community events in the park, engaging with agencies that work with young people or even reactivation of the park itself,” Cr Rehbein said.

“In the meantime I’m confident that these measures will provide residents with some security.”