Ingham Road intersections to be upgraded

Date published: 22 November 2016

Three Ingham Road intersections will be upgraded to improve traffic flow and heavy vehicle safety in the Bohle Industrial Area.

The intersections are with Enterprise Street, Weston/Everett Streets and Webb Drive.

The work, to be completed in three stages, will begin with Stage 1 of construction of a new dual lane roundabout at the Ingham Road, Western and Everett St intersections.

Council today recommended the $3,248,635.51 Stage 1 contract be awarded to Mendi Constructions.

Infrastructure Committee chair Cr Mark Molachino said the project would also require water main replacement.

“The work includes the supply and installation of new water mains surrounding the roundabout and any augmentation of existing telecommunication and electrical infrastructure,” Cr Molachino said.

“Ingham Road is in the significant Bohle industrial and commercial area, generating a large volume of heavy vehicle traffic, so it is necessary to upgrade the intersections to keep pace with traffic increases. An efficient road network supports business productivity and its contribution to Townsville’s economy.”

State and Federal funding through the State Government Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program has contributed to the project which will be completed over three financial years.