New exhibition celebrates 10 years of the Run Collective

Date published: 26 April 2017

A new exhibition is opening at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this weekend that celebrates a 10-year journey through the lens of Townsville graffiti culture.

FOUND in Space is an exhibition showcasing new and retrospective works from Townsville-based artists Shane Troubles, Clint Roubles and Jon Avocado of the RUN Collective.

The exhibition looks at neglected urban spaces and the infamous Cot Studio, founded in 2007 by the Run Collective, which was located in the Bank Court Building at 336 Flinders Street and served as fertile ground for the creative expression of like-minded individuals.

FOUND in Space catalogues the progression through mixed media artworks and extensive audio-visual documentation.

The exhibition will open at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery this Saturday, April 29 at 12pm, with a special event at the Brewery restaurant, café and bar at 2pm, screening a film of the 10 years of Run Collective and a special DJ set.

The exhibition will be on display at the gallery until May 28.