Council to pick up hard waste

Date published: 29 August 2017

Townsville City Council will be taking charge of the kerbside hard rubbish collection after the decision to bring the service in-house was approved at today’s full council meeting.

The decision includes the approval to purchase two rear-end compactors and one flatbed truck plus the hiring of up to 9 new staff to deliver the key council commitment.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said it has been too long since the last hard rubbish collection was provided to the community and was happy to bring the service back.

“We made a commitment that hard rubbish collection would be delivered in this term of council and I can proudly say we are keeping our promise,” Cr Hill said.

“I wanted to bring the hard rubbish collection back in 2012 but it was blocked by other councillors at the time, and with my team we have brought this service back for the community.

“We will be starting this service very early in the new year and each resident will be provided plenty of notice of when the service will be going through their street and information on what can be included for collection.

“Rural communities who do not receive a wheelie bin service, your area will receive a large skip bin that will be placed in a common area and you will also be provided the dates and locations for the service.”

Townsville Water and Waste chairman, Councillor Paul Jacob said the decision to bring the kerbside hard rubbish in-house was because the tender process did not deliver the desired outcome.

“Council only received one tender for the service and the assessment was made that council could deliver the service for less,” Cr Jacob said.

“This council strongly supports local business, but above this, we must also deliver value to the ratepayer.”