City lodges project short-list for Works4Qld funding

Date published: 15 February 2017

Local community projects across the length and breadth of Townsville have been shortlisted for Queensland Government’s Works For Queensland funding.

The Townsville City Council today lodged a list of 51 projects covering 88 locations for approval for the city’s $21.8 million share of the Government’s job creation program.

Council’s list includes upgrades of parks, street scapes, pathways and walking tracks, road improvements, shade and security lighting.

Deputy Mayor Cr Les Walker said the projects were spread out in locations across the city to provide as much community benefit as possible.

“While securing funding from Queensland and Australian Governments for big infrastructure like water continues to be our biggest priority, the Works for Queensland funding for smaller shovel ready local projects is a big windfall for our community,” Cr Walker said.

“The council’s short list of projects will give us a winning trifecta – hundreds of local jobs, a boost for the economy and valuable local projects for our community.

“All of the projects the council has put forward can meet the Government’s criteria that they are new unfunded works and can be completed by November.

“The list of projects has been developed with input from all areas of council and councillors themselves who have put forward suggestions for their local areas for projects that are ready to go.

“The funding provides the council with a golden opportunity to spread the benefit far and wide in areas across the city.”

The shortlist includes:

  • $1 million in local road projects
  • $3.38 million in park upgrades
  • $1.777 million Magnetic Island walkway project from X-Base to Nelly Bay to support tourism and pedestrian safety
  • $2.3 million shade structures at 10 park locations including Riverway Lagoons
  • $1.75 million for water saving measures, including non-potable water upgrades and trial of smart water meters in five suburbs
  • $900,000 to complete security lighting and CTTV coverage on Douglas side of Riverway pathway circuit
  • $846,000 upgrades of Castle Hill walking tracks – Goat Track and Cudtheringa Track
  • $4.13million beautification, street scapes and LED lighting
    • Street scape facelift for Nathan St (Charles St to Dalrymple)
    • Street Trees –  street trees to increase shade, and appeal and activation in areas including restoration of CBD Utilities sites
    • Highway precinct signs for Bluewater
    • LED lighting along Palmer Street restaurant strip
  • $370,000 for dog off-leash parks at Kalynda Chase, Edison Park, Mount View Park, Mindham Park
  • $3.24 million for footpaths and pathways across the city