Townsville confirms status as northern lifestyle capital

Date published: 2 February 2017

Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill today announced a plan of action to cement the city’s position as a high quality investment and lifestyle destination in Northern Australia.

A specialist team from Pure Projects, headed by co-founder David Williams and that includes Australian tourism identity Don Morris AO, has been engaged to work with the local community on a master plan to refocus and revitalise the city.

Cr Hill said the plan was needed to give the city an uplift and drive lifestyle, jobs and long term economic development.

“Securing Townsville’s water supply remains my council’s number one priority, however it is important that we set a clear direction for Townsville’s economic development,” Cr Hill said.

“This project will develop a comprehensive plan with clear objectives and deliverables for transforming Townsville – and activating key areas including the CBD - into a unique and high quality destination in Australia.

“We want to make sure through this process that our planning scheme, the objectives of the City Deal, and major community infrastructure and events support what we want to achieve.”

“Everything will be put under the microscope to identify ways we can maximise opportunities for Townsville  – from infrastructure, services, community and stakeholder views, to transportation, and tourism.

“The examples of other locations such as Tasmania show that it all starts with creating quality recreational and lifestyle opportunities for the local community.

“We are extremely pleased that Pure Projects have come on board and that they’re team includes Don Morris AO, who is a former chairman of Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland and has networks nationally and internationally.

“The council engaged Pure Projects after calling for Expressions of Interest late last year, and we look forward to working with the project team and our key local stakeholders over the next three to four months to develop the plan.

“This master plan will then give us a plan of action to deliver projects and services, attract government funding and link in with the work of the council’s City Image Advisory Committee.

Mr Morris, who is a board member on ferry operator Fantasea and lived in the far north for 15 years, said the transformation of the city needed to be driven by the local community.

“Magnetic Island, The Strand and Cleveland Bay are the standouts of the many qualities of the Townsville experience, and the fundamentals are there for the city to become a highly sought after destination,” Mr Morris said.

“The community is the make or break of any plan and providing locals in a city the size of Townsville with quality recreation and leisure experiences is the key to success.

“Local people are overwhelmingly the main source of business in most Australian tourist destinations.

“Significantly improving the quality experience in key areas of Townsville will also obviously be a big drawcard for other visitors.

“Our team is really looking forward to working with the council, the community and the City Image Advisory Committee to help develop a strong, long term plan for Townsville.”

Pure Projects will work with stakeholders to formulate the plan over the next three months and is expected to hand the final vision to the council in April.