Call to remain water wise despite recent rain

Date published: 6 January 2017

Townsville’s Water and Waste Committee chairman Cr Paul Jacob has urged residents to continue to be watchful of water use as the city waits for wet season rains.

Levels at Ross Dam remain largely unchanged at 14.61 per cent today, up from 14.01 on the weekend.

This is despite up to 50ml falling directly over the dam in the past four days.

Up to 60ml has been recorded in the catchment around Woodstock, but this would be unlikely to boost dam levels, Cr Jacob said.

“The reality is that the drought conditions has rendered the ground dry and we will need more than a few short bursts for runoff to make it to the dam,” Cr Jacob said.

“There is still plenty of time to receive good rainfall to replenish the dam but in the meantime, everyone should be conscious of their water consumption and stick to the restrictions.

“While we are pumping from the Burdekin Dam, we must all continue to do all we can to make our water supply stretch as far as possible.

“Average daily water consumption came in at 93.04 mega litres over the past week, which goes to show how much water use is on gardens and lawns.”

Paluma Dam is at 58 per cent.

Dam levels
02 Jan – 14.01% (prior to rain)
03 Jan – 14.14%
04. Jan – 14.17%
05 Jan – 14.25%
06 Jan – 14.61%

Average daily water consumption
30/12/2016 - 95.07
31/12/2016 - 86.89
1/01/2017 - 121.33
2/01/2017 - 89.54
3/01/2017 - 96.87
4/01/2017 - 87.62
05/01/2017 – 73.97