Colourful mural an interpretation of Townsville's ecosystem

Date published: 7 June 2017

A new colourful, eye-catching mural will be added to Townsville City Council’s street art portfolio thanks to a Brisbane-based artist known as Leans.

Leans has been commission to do the work, titled Mother Earth, on an Ogden St façade.

Leans said his work was influenced by his daily intake of the internet, the people that surround him, the future and everything in between.

“Mother Earth provides a vision of the movement and ecstasy felt when exploring the depths of the Great Barrier Reef and captures the colourful charm of the evening sky,” Leans said.

“The piece consists of a rich dose of patterns and colour taken from glimpses of the coral and fish specific to this area.

“Fruit, human form and liquid splice its way through an amalgamation of elements, collectively working and breathing together to create a colourful interpretation of Townsville’s ecosystem.”

Street Art Activation Working Group member Cr Russ Cook said Leans’ work would add to the growing collection of colourful art on Ogden St.

“We only just unveiled the mural by local artists The Run Collective on the side wall of this same building,” Cr Cook said.

“It’s exciting to see even more creativity and colour on these buildings and to showcase local, national and international artworks on a grand scale.

“Council is proud to be adding to its street art collection with this new creation by Leans.”

The mural will be launched at 5pm on Friday, June 9 and the public is invited. There is also an opportunity to come and watch Leans put the finishing touches on the mural over the weekend.