Cape Cleveland area residents directed to evacuate

Date published: 26 March 2017

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) issued the advice tonight based on updated forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology, which puts the area at significant risk of storm surge from Cyclone Debbie.

TLDMG chair and Mayor Jenny Hill said residents in the affected area should finalise preparations immediately and seek shelter with friends or family in the Yellow, Blue or White zones.

“This is a directed evacuation for residents in the Cape Cleveland areas, including Cungulla and Cleveland Palms,” Cr Hill said.

“People need to make arrangements to leave the area as soon as possible. Police will be in the area from 6am tomorrow (Monday) to ensure everyone relocates. An on-going police presence will continue in the area throughout this weather event.

“Residents should not go to the AIMS facility on Cape Cleveland Rd as it is deemed not suitable for a Category 3 cyclone or above by the Department of Housing and Public Works.”

Residents should follow the following actions:

  • first option is to shelter with family and friends.
  • Secure property, turn off power, gas and solar invertors before you leave.

People who have no other alternative accommodation can call the Disaster Coordination Centre on 1800 738 541 for advice.

Domestic pets can be taken to places of refuge and arrangements will be made for their safe shelter.

For up to date information, follow the Townsville Disaster Information Facebook page.

The Storm Tide Evacuation Guide is available on council’s website at