Council to repair Horseshoe Bay erosion

Date published: 29 March 2017

Townsville City Council will carry out remedial work on the Horseshoe Bay foreshore on Friday to repair erosion caused by big tides.

Temporary restoration work on the beach is planned for Friday afternoon when damage from high tides is expected to ease.

Council’s Community Health and Environment Committee chair Cr Ann Maree Greaney said it was important to ensure the beach area was safe for the start of the school holidays.

“The Horseshoe Bay beach is highly susceptible to erosion, especially during the cyclone season, and council has plans in place to respond to situations like this,” Cr Greaney said.

“Staff are gearing up to move sand up the beach to reinforce areas where the tides have caused washed out areas on the foreshore.

“The work is planned for Friday when the tides and wave action are expected to ease. Any earlier would risk having the work washed away again.

“Council will get the work done as soon as possible with the busy school holiday period starting this weekend.”

Hazard meshing will be in place from tomorrow in areas worst affected as a safety precaution. Council machinery suitable for the beach work is being transported to the island.

The council will continue to monitor the foreshore area.