Dangerous winds expected to arrive earlier

Date published: 26 March 2017

Townsville residents are warned to expect dangerous winds to reach the city much earlier in the latest forecasts for Cyclone Debbie.

Advice from the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting winds of up to 100kmh developing in the city as early as 4pm tomorrow afternoon based on Cyclone Debbie’s current path.

The Bureau’s tracking tonight was predicting Cyclone Debbie to make landfall just north of Ayr early Tuesday morning.

TLDMG and Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill urged residents to make arrangements to be home and safely sheltered early.

“The TLDMG is closely monitoring Cyclone Debbie’s progress and a decision on evacuations will be taken at 5am tomorrow (Monday), which would permit enough time for people to move,” Cr Hill said.

“People need to plan their day so that they are safe with family and friends as early as possible.

“The safest place is your home. If you don’t feel safe in your own home now is the time to arrange to go to family and friends.

“Areas most at risk from storm surge are to the city’s south around Cungulla and Cape Cleveland which have been directed to evacuate.

“Based on the Cyclone’s predicted path and intensity, we are being warned to expect destructive winds of Category 3 strength or more in the greater Townsville area.

“All emergency services are primed and ready to respond.”

Key points:

  • All schools in the Townsville area will be closed tomorrow
  • A decision on evacuations will be taken at 5am tomorrow (Monday)
  • People should be sheltered with family and friends early before winds pick up
  • Calls can be directed to the Disaster Coordination Centre on 1800 738 541.

For all the latest up to date information, follow the Townsville Disaster Information Facebook page.

The Storm Tide Evacuation Guide is available on council’s website at www.townsville.qld.gov.au