Residents urged to be prepared

Date published: 24 March 2017

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) was activated this morning.

Members received a briefing from the Bureau of Meteorology as well as representatives from a number of organisations including Queensland Police, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Ambulance Service, State Emergency Service and council’s Emergency Response Group.

Local Disaster Management Group chair Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said council was closely monitoring the low and already had its disaster management plan on standby.

“It’s very much a watch and wait situation at the moment as we see what this weather system may do,” Cr Hill said.

“Either way, we are expecting large amounts of rain, which brings with it the potential for flooding in line with high tides.

“The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting the low to form into a cyclone over the next 24 hours so for this reason, now is the time to clean out your gutters, put away loose items, trim trees and ensure your emergency plans are in place.”

Residents should familiarise themselves with the Storm Tide Evacuation Guide on council’s website and identify which zone their property falls in.

“There has been much chatter about this potential cyclone in the community and I also want to ensure people are heading to the right source for their information.

“Council’s website is packed with frequently asked questions and information, which is especially handy for those new to Townsville who may have not experienced an event like this before.

“Facebook users should also follow the Townsville Disaster Information Page – the official page of the TLDMG – for updates.”

Sand has been made available at Lou Litster Park for those wishing to prepare sandbags for their properties. It is recommended you bring your own bags.

The TLDMG will meet again at 10am tomorrow.

Council’s website :

Townsville Disaster Information Facebook page.