Week of rain may see mosquito numbers peak

Date published: 19 October 2017

After several days of welcome rain, saltmarsh mosquito numbers are expected to increase and residents are urged to take precautions to avoid being bitten.

Pest control officers from the Townsville City Council will begin aerial treatment to control mosquito larvae tomorrow morning (October 20, 2017).

Community health and environment committee chair Cr Ann-Maree Greaney said ground treatments to minimise further mosquito breeding had already begun across the city.

“We are hoping to conduct the aerial treatment during the expected calm conditions in the early morning,” Cr Greaney said.

“It will be delivered by helicopter and will be targeting saltmarsh mosquitoes in the coastal fringes from Cungulla to Stuart and the Town Common to Toolakea Beach.”

Cr Greaney said there were no houses in the areas being treated.

“Residents are advised that there may be impacts in the community from adult mosquitoes over the next week or so however, we are confident that this treatment will help keep mosquito numbers under control,” she said.

To reduce the risk of being bitten, residents are urged to use insect repellent and empty any pooled water in containers around their yard.