Townsville delegation promotes education links in China

Date published: 20 September 2017

Townsville’s Chinese Sister City, Changshu has committed to education exchanges, offering opportunities for Chinese and Australian students to study in each other’s country.

A delegation of Townsville education leaders has met with officials in Changsu and visited a number of the region’s leading education institutions.

The 10 member delegation includes representatives from four of Townsville’s largest high schools – Cathedral, Kirwan, Pimlico, William Ross – as well as James Cook University (JCU) and Central Queensland University (CQU).

Cr Hill said Townsville offers a wonderful pathway for Chinese students to study in Australian schools and ongoing transition into Australian universities.

“The City of Changshu welcomed our city’s experience in hosting short to long term international students and are keen to develop reciprocal agreements,” Cr Hill said.

“The delegation is certainly excited by the level of interest in developing relationships with schools and universities across our Sister City.

“There are many similarities between our cities with a strong focus on education and authentic experiences and an appetite to expand on these opportunities.”

Professor Nola Alloway, Dean of the College of Arts, Society and Education, said exchange programs offer opportunities for Townsville students, parents and teachers to broaden their educational experience in China.

“We are very excited about the possibility of welcoming students to our city in the near future and for our students to experience an authentic Chinese education,” Professor Alloway said.

The delegation now travels to Townsville’s second sister city, Foshan, meeting with the city’s deputy Mayor and visiting the region’s leading schools and Foshan University.

The delegation returns to Townsville on the weekend.