Construction on pipeline project reaching full thrust

Date published: 21 December 2018

Another key milestone has been reached on Townsville’s new water pipeline project.

Construction of the first piled thrust blocks has commenced on site including drilling footings up to 1.2 metres in diameter with specialised equipment.

The steel reinforced concrete thrust blocks support and hold in place the 1.8m diameter pipe at changes in alignment.

The piling works have commenced with one year to go before the project is scheduled to be completed, in December 2019.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said this work was essential to lay sections of the 1.8-metre diameter pipe being used in the pipeline.

“Crews are out on site digging and now the piling work has commenced we should expect the pipe to be laid in the ground very shortly,” Cr Hill said.

“Through these piling works our local companies working on the project have the opportunity to upskill their workforce.

“As construction of the pipeline ramps up we can expect even more jobs to flow from this crucial infrastructure project.”

Cr Hill said Council was totally committed to delivering long-term water security.

“The pipeline is a crucial plank in Council’s 3-point water security solution and it will help ensure the community’s future water supply for generations,” Cr Hill said.

“The construction crews working on site are setting a rapid pace to complete the pipeline by the end of next year.

“Council is totally committed to delivering this project by December 2019 because we know that praying for rain is no strategy for water security.”

Council’s 3-point water security solution includes:

  1. The new 1.8-metre diameter pipeline
  2. A recycled water reuse scheme for public open spaces and industrial use
  3. Water Smart Package

The Queensland Government has invested $225 million in funding for water security in Townsville.