Pumping from the Burdekin to stop after boost in dam levels

Date published: 27 February 2018

Council will stop pumping water from the Burdekin tomorrow, after recent rains lifted the dam level.

Townsville Water and Waste General Manager Scott Moorhead said recent rain had lifted the dam level to 20 per cent, which allows Council to stop pumping.

“The dam has received good rain over the past few days and that will allow us to stop pumping tomorrow,” he said.

“Council will regularly assess the dam levels and pumping will re-commence if the dam drops to 15 per cent again.

“However, we are expecting some more rain in coming days and hopefully it will fall over the dam catchment.”

Mr Moorhead said Council was extremely confident Townsville had enough water to last until the $215 million pipeline is finished at the end of next year, or the once-in-a-generation drought breaks.

“We have had some really good rain over the catchment over the past week, but we still need more to fill up the dam,” Mr Moorhead said.

“That’s why Council is working so swiftly and diligently to deliver the $215 million water pipeline by the end of next year.

“We’re on the final countdown for long-term water security and the project will be delivered from start to finish within 26 months.”

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairman Cr Paul Jacob praised the community’s efforts for sticking to 100ML a day during the dry spell.

“While we have had good rain over recent days it is still important everyone remains water wise,” Cr Jacob said.

“The community has done a fantastic job of sticking to our target of 100ML a day, and we will need to continue to do so while we remain on Level 3 water restrictions.”

Pumping water from the Burdekin costs, on average, $35,000 a day.