Water infrastructure works postponed after severe storms

Date published: 21 February 2018

Critical works on the water main affecting services in Alligator Creek, Julago and Nome have been postponed following severe storms across Townsville.

The works, due to be carried out tonight, will now begin at 9pm next Wednesday.

Townsville Water and Waste General Manager Scott Moorhead said the decision was made due to power outages and heavy rainfall in the area.

“Many residents across Townsville including those in Alligator Creek, Julago and Nome still face power outages today and Council would like to avoid further inconveniencing those households and businesses with water disruptions,” Mr Moorhead said.

“We have also decided that with the potential for more storms tonight, it would be unsafe to have crews working through the bad weather.

“The work on this water main is essential for growth in the area but minimizing impacts on residents and the safety of our workers are our number one priority."