Northern Beaches Leisure Centre - Closure

Date published: 25 January 2018

The slides at the Northern Beaches Leisure Centre have been closed after testing detected bacteria in the water.

The bacteria were discovered at the slides as part of routine testing conducted by Townsville City Council.

The pool at the centre remains open, as it operates from a separate water source and doesn’t share any filtration systems with the slides. No bacteria were detected in the pool.

Council is working with the centre operators to undertake filtration and chlorination procedures to treat the water for the slides.

The Leisure Centre will remain open, but the slides will be out of use until Council can confirm that the water levels are safe.

There have been no reports of illness by the community.

Council advises any residents who have visited the centre recently and are feeling unwell should see a doctor.

The Northern Beaches Leisure Centre is owned by Townsville City Council and leased to a private operator to run the day to day management of the facility.