Banyan tree along The Strand to be trimmed to improve safety

Date published: 19 July 2018

Council crews will be pruning a banyan tree on The Strand today to ensure public safety.

The tree – on The Strand opposite the old Queens Hotel – requires pruning because it has a dead limb hanging over the road, which presents a risk to motorists and pedestrians.

Road controls on that section of The Strand will be in force this morning – between 10am to 12pm – until the work is completed.

Infrastructure Committee Chair Mark Molachino said public safety was paramount for Council staff when determining whether trees need to be pruned or cut back.

“Council does everything it can to protect and maintain trees throughout the city – particularly in our public parklands – but sometimes we do need to prune them so they don’t pose a risk to the community,” Cr Molachino said.

“This tree will require pruning to address the current safety risk and our aborists will re-examine it after the work has been done.”

Local Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney said pruning the tree was necessary to ensure safety.

“Everyone loves the big old trees along The Strand but we do need to keep everyone safe so this pruning work is necessary,” Cr Greaney said.