Canine Obedience Club Townsville to stay after Council Committee offers new long-term lease

Date published: 12 July 2018

Townsville City Council has ensured the Canine Obedience Club will have a secure home for the next decade.

Community and Cultural Development Committee Chair Cr Colleen Doyle said the important community organisation has been assured a permanent future in the city.

“We have established a long term home for this club which provides pet owners with the training to help their dog become well-mannered and welcome member of our community,” Cr Doyle said.

“Council wants residents to take responsibility of their pets, and this agreement will enable the obedience club to provide important services to our community for the next decade.

“The club helps pet owners to socialize and train their animals to support an active, safe and healthy community.

“People love their pets and Council is doing everything it can to encourage responsible pet ownership right throughout our community.”

Yesterday, the Community and Cultural Development Committee agreed to offer to provide the Canine Obedience Club with a long term lease with a fee of $1.00 a year for 10 years, with the rate to be reviewed by Council yearly.  

Division 7 Councillor Kurt Rehbein says the club is a great organisation which caters for all dogs.

“The club offers a range of activities for dogs from basic through to advanced training for competitions including agility, tracking and endurance training,” Cr Rehbein said.

“The club has been an important part of my local community and I am proud to be part of the Council that has given it a home for another decade.”

The lease renewal will be put to the next Full Council meeting for final approval.

Council is offering pet owners free microchipping this weekend for registered pets on Saturday between 8am and 11am at Wulguru Dog Park.